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Lumenance’s mission is to make our customer’s product development projects a success.  We were founded by engineers who saw the need for a flexible, convenient engineering service that specialized in solving Electrical Distribution System challenges.   

Our leadership team has experience with top-shelf engineering organizations such as Ford, IBM, John Deere, Yazaki, Volvo Trucks, Caterpillar, and others.  We’ve successfully helped Honda, Commercial Vehicle Group, Prettl, Syberjet, Uber and others address engineering challenges. 

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Lumenance LLC incorporated in Ohio in 2018 

Industry Scope

Automotive, Heavy Truck, Construction Equipment, Aerospace, Agricultural Equipment, and other Specialty Vehicles


Columbus, Ohio; Madison, WI; Puebla, Mexico

Service scope

  • Electrical Distribution System (EDS) engineering
    • System Architecture
    • Schematic Design
    • 2D & 3D wire harness & electromechanical design
  • General product development contract/contingent engineering
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Recruitment

It’s been great having Lumenance’s experienced wire harness designers provide help when our engineers are overloaded. 

Director of Sales, Tier 1 Wire Harness Manufacturer


Electrical System Design


  • Selecting electrical system components – including connectors, conductors, and circuit protection
  • Developing point-to-point circuit schematic in your eCAD or tool of choice
  • Implementing effective grounding and shielding strategies
  • Coordinating with all stakeholders (including vendors) to understand system requirements and specifications

Electrical System Design

A quality Electrical Distribution System all starts with a quality electrical system design.  Lumenance supports this critical step in the process and continues with the packaging of the overall design into the vehicle. 


“Our core strength is ensuring that your Electrical Distribution Systems are connected, routed, integrated, secured, and protected properly.”


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3D CAD showing connectors mounted to a bracket

Electromechanical CAD Design

Engineers working on a bracket design

Electromechanical Engineering

Ensuring a quality Electrical Distribution System

An electrical system is only as good as it’s packaged.  If your wire harness and other electrical components aren’t routed, secured, and protected properly, even the most well considered system can be overcome by abrasion, cuts, vibration, electrical interference, and other failure points.  The Lumenance team understands the electrical and mechanical requirements inherent to quality Electrical Distribution Systems. 

Electromechanical Engineering

  • Interconnect selection and specifications
  • Routing wire harnesses and packaging system components
  • Designing mounting brackets and other attachments
  • FEA analysis of mounting brackets and plastic components
  • Development of 2D drawings & vendor support
  • DFMEA and Design for Manufacturability

“When your EDS team is overloaded, Lumenance is there!”


NAFTA/USCMA country flags

“Lumenance’s North America based engineers provide convenient, flexible, cost effective product development support to our North American customers during their normal working hours.”

The Nearshore Advantage

  • Convenient time zones for North America based R&D centers
  • Easy flights between major North American cities
  • Access to great engineers and technical professionals
  • Cultural ties between Mexico, US, and Canada

Nearshore.  Because engineers need sleep too. 

Sending your engineering work half-way around the world so it can be “done while you sleep” just doesn’t work.  Effective product development requires real-time collaboration.  Engineers need to talk through technical challenges – often and easily.  And if the engineers you’re working with are asleep while you’re awake and vice versa, that real-time collaboration either doesn’t happen or is very difficult (e.g. meetings late into the evenings, a lot of emails). 

Best case, you’ll rework their designs.  Worst case…let’s not think about that. 

Lumenance’s North America based engineers provide convenient, flexible, cost effective product development support to our North American customers during their normal working hours – not via a multitude of emails or sporadic conference calls at inconvenient times.  With Lumenance, you can say “goodbye” to those late night teleconferences with engineering services many time zones away!  And get some sleep too. 



Our Flexible Support Options

Lumenance does whatever it takes to help your engineering team achieve success!

Below are three ways we’ve worked with customers.  We’re open to exploring a combinations of these models as well as exploring new ways to help your team.

At our location

You send us the work package, and we complete the engineering at our offices using our CAD/CAE assets or VPN into your internal CAD/CAE environment.

At your location

We send our engineers to you.  This can be a contract/contingent model for longer term engagements or a Project Specific Contract model for shorter, fixed scope engineering projects.


Lumenance is constantly networking with great engineering talent.  We help customers grow their own direct engineering team via recruitment.

Convenient, flexible North America based Electrical Distribution System engineering services.

Why deal with the hassles inherent in using an engineering service located many time zones away?  Experience the convenience and flexibility of Lumenance’s nearshore engineering services.