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Looking for engineering brainpower? Lumenance scans North America to find the best.

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We didn't like what we saw in the staffing & recruiting industry.


So we re-engineered it. What else would an engineering company do? We saw companies suffer from headache to heartbreak as they worked with traditional staffing companies who didn't understand their manpower needs. But now, all that is over.

We use experienced engineers to recruit the talent, conduct the interviews, make certain talent is matched to needs, and even manage the contingent workforce to make sure our talent achieves your goals.

Contract Engineering

Our contract engineering experience spans all aspects of transportation equipment design and manufacturing – from cradle to grave.

Engineer Recruitment

We know engineering talent. We've tiressly recruited the best engineers since 2008. Our focus pays dividends.

Remote Worker Management

Lumenance has been managing remote engineering manpower since our inception. We can manage onboarding, state-by-state setup, payroll and other HR functions for your remote workforce.


Our simple process has customers smiling.

Ramping up with Lumenance is easy. Contact us today to get started.


Send your requirements

Whatever you have will do to get the ball rolling. You'll be amazed by how much we understand about your engineering needs.


We send qualified candidates

Our recruiting team will find talent that matches your needs and send you only vetted candidates. If we can't find what you need, we'll tell you.


You decide

Once you see a candidate that matches your needs, you decide how to proceed. Do you want to hire direct? On contract? We'll proceed accordingly.


An engineer recruiting team actually staffed with engineers.

How illuminating. We use experienced engineers to find and screen for the best engineers in the Americas and beyond. This ensures we get the highest quality talent for you.

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It takes one to know one

And that's one of the reasons why Lumenance is sought after for our exceptional engineers. If you need quality engineers for your North American operations, contact us today.